Silver or Gold?

Silver or Gold?

Am I A Silver or Gold Type?

When it comes to silver vs gold jewellery, it is important to know if you are a cool or rather warm type. The wrong colour on your skin can make you look pale and a little unhealthy.

Are you a gold, silver or rose gold type? It all depends on the colour of your skin, your eyes and your hair. The best way to determine whether you are a warm (gold) or a cool (silver) type is to look closely at your skin undertone which lies beneath your skin.

First you take a look at your veins in your wrist, if these are blue or purple then you have a cool undertone, if they are more yellow or green, then you have a warm undertone. If your veins are not visible you are probably a neutral type which means you can wear all colours.

Another way is to look at your natural hair colour, if your hair is rather icy, ash blond, black or brown you are a cool type, red hair and caramel blond or brown hair is usually associated with a warm undertone.

Let’s talk about the eyes as a final check to see if you should wear gold or silver jewels, people with blue, green or grey eyes are very likely to be cool types and hazel or brown eyes go best with warm golden jewellery.

How easily you tan is also an indicator of your skin tone. People who tan easily have warm undertones, someone who turns pink or burns easily under the sun has a cool undertone. If your cheeks are rosy, you don’t have a warm skin undertone so silver suits you best.

When it comes to rose gold, it suits for both warm and cool types unless you tend to have a pinkish tint to your skin.

Try to match your jewellery with the colours of your outfit to create a beautiful blend. Blue, grey, white, pastels and icy colours go best with silver where as caramel, ocher, khaki or warm red are beautiful in combination with golden jewellery.

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- By Katrien Vanherck
Stylist and Consultant at Colour My Day Styling.

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